Refresh LED

Social Media Management and Content Creation

How ironic that Refresh LED found Burda Marketing through social media and now I have the pleasure of managing theirs?! Refresh LED was in need of a social media manager and rather than hire in-house they decided to outsource the task to Burda Marketing. I was happy to help! Their goal is to grow on both Instagram and Facebook, build a loyal following, generate leads and grow their business.

I started by creating content and scheduling it in a consistent and cohesive manner. I also dedicate time to engage on the platforms frequently to boost their reach. I work with Refresh LED to ensure they stay involved as well and remain the face of the company. Social media is “social” after-all and I encourage my clients to stay in front of their audiences while I offer direction, guidance, content creation, and management.

Refresh LED’s Instagram feed has gotten a makeover and is ready to get social! As we begin to see more engagement, run promotions with effective call to actions to boost their lead generation, we look forward to growing their following online!

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