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Re-Branding, Responsive Web Design, Social Media Management, Blog Management, Ongoing Strategy

Contracting with Burda Marketing for website management, graphic design services, blog management, direct mail campaigns and more, SNL-Tech Services is working to expand their client base across multiple states. I love working with clients like SNL-Tech Services who are ready to take their business to the next level!

SNL-Tech Services is an IT Solutions Firm located in Frederick, MD, that offers a multitude of IT services to both residential customers and small- to medium-sized businesses in the Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington DC areas.

Unsure of what they wanted in a logo, I sat down with them to discuss a vision. They knew they wanted something that portrayed “technology” but didn’t want anything literal (i.e. illustrations of a computer) I showed them a few concepts and they seemed to gravitate towards this “connected” look – as IT services are all about connections and technology working seamlessly together. I then came up with this box and line illustration that hints at the resemblance of a circuit board. This immediately gives the feeling of connectivity with a futuristic, modern design.

SNL TECH LOGO_long.png

To help with their website’s SEO and to provide a source of ongoing helpful and original content I helped the brand start their first blog. With a plethora of helpful knowledge and information for anyone who uses technology, SNL-Tech Services blog is now reaching the public via Google searches and social media postings, helping drive traffic back to their website. This helps the brand stay top-of-mind with the public when it comes to tech services and computer security.


Mailers sent direct to customers and prospects is also another way SNL-Tech Services is using Burda Marketing to help stay top of mind with their clientelle. Promoting their services directly to the comsumer is helping them keep their image strong.

When bringing on a new client, SNL-Tech Services also now has custom-designed welcome packets with helpful tips and information for their new clients. Something tanglible, in an ever-increasing digital world, can make such and impact on a new customer. Client appreciation materials are also sent out to customers around birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays to make the cusomer feel appreciated, becuase they are! Include a referral card and voilà, this gives their word-of-mouth marketing a boost!


I am excited to see the potential and growth in SNL-Tech Services and Burda Marketing will continue to work with them through it all to make their business goals a reality.

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