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A partnership starting with a website redesign 


Holly already had a well-established brand and brand identity when we began our partnership. After getting to know her brand and her business inside and out, we began with a website redesign to better reflect her message and mission. Starting with some research, I also worked on SEO, including the setup of her Google Business Profile, where she is starting to collect more testimonials.  The website was redesigned to show more of Holly's personality and to help encourage sign ups for lead generation. 

Creating a lead magnet and landing page to help grow her email list.


Wanting to generate more leads we needed something that would appeal to more of her ideal clients and also gave a taste of the guidance one would receive in working with Holly. Through a few brainstorming sessions we settled on a checklist and journal. Holly used her experience to work up an outline for a piece that she knew would be helpful and address her clients most common pinpoints, then I created the design. After a few tweaks the 5 Days to Feeling Better lead magnet was finished. I then created a landing page for Holly so we could direct her audience there to download this new free resources. 

Lead magent design brochure design layout for HD Fitness
Landing page layout for HD Fitness by BurdaMarketing

Video editing and content creation


Holly is very active on social media and it was important she stay involved as she is the face of the business. But I wanted her content to be a bit more strategic to help drive more sign ups and bookings. Together we came up with consistent video ideas she could film and I would edit. We also created consistent postings that included a call to action to help drive more traffic to her website and landing page for bookings and sign ups.

Video mockup instagram reels
Carousel post layout for HD Fitness

Email marketing and blogging


Holly needed no help in the email department. She enjoys writing emails for her audience and she is very consistent and has a fantastic open rate of over 60% (average is 16%). We are working together to grow her email list of dedicated subscribers. We also work together on blog ideas and outlines to keep her website updated with new SEO-rich content.

Ongoing partnership


Holly is passionate and proactive and together we are working to grow her business online. We continue to collaborate and find new ways for her to stay in front of her ideal client and generate leads. I am so appreciative to be part of her journey.

Holly D'Arcy owner HD Fitness

"As a small business owner, Lindsey has taken several tasks off my plate and does them better than I ever could. This allows me to focus on the parts of my business that I love doing most. I'm so thankful that I can rely on her for all of my marketing needs instead of trying to outsource to several different people. She is so fun and easy to work with, and we have formed a partnership that is productive and has evolved in a way that just keeps getting better with time."

Holly | HD Fitness

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