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6 Outdating Marketing Tactics That Are Harming Your Business.

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

One of the worst things we can say in business is, "...because we've always done it this way."

But the way we do things will always require change at some point because we have to adapt to our changing environments, and those who don't adapt, often get left behind, or worse, don't survive.

If you've been using these outdated tactics and your marketing hasn't been working as you'd hoped, it may be time to shake things up because old tactics could be turning people off!

6 Outdated Marketing Tactics that are Harming Your Business a Burda Marketing Blog Digital Marketing

The purpose of marketing is to be inviting, to attract people, not repel them, bother them, or annoy them. And many of these outdated tactics are just that; annoying. They intrude upon and bother potential prospects, making them block and ignore your attempts.

My job is to get your marketing working for you and for you ideal prospect and, more often than not, that requires continuous updates and changes as consumer behavior changes.

Here are some marketing tactics to leave in the past!


Imagine you're in the middle of cooking dinner and you hear a knock at the door, you're not expecting anyone, you peek out the window and it's someone you don't know standing there holding a clip board. Are you excited to open the door? What do you do?

I hide away like a mouse hoping no one sees me. It's my home, my space, my place to relax, not be sold to. And I'm not the only one who thinks it's intrusive. The average door-to-door sales conversion rate is only 2-3% percent! There are better, less intrusive, and more time effective ways, to win new clients.

Cold calling.

Again, this one is intrusive. Plus caller ID came onto the scene years ago. Cell phones now even warn if calls may be spam and give the option to block unknown callers. Why fight an uphill battle when there are more effective ways to get clients? When I worked as VP of marketing, the firm hired a cold calling company to make hundreds of calls on their behalf. And guess what? Not one client came of it. Money wasted and their reputation likely tarnished in the process. The average cold calling success rate is only 2%, at that. Do you like getting sales calls?

Buying email lists.

The fastest way to get your messages deleted or blocked is to send them uninvited. Furthermore, you have no idea who you are sending emails to. Are they even your ideal client? Are they even interested in your offer? You need to attract people who are interested in your offer and allow them to opt in to your email list - give and you shall receive. Offer something valuable in exchange for their email. This way you can ensure that you are talking to an interested audience. When done this way email marketing had THE HIGHEST ROI in marketing. Check out this case study to see how we built an email list

Interruptive ads.

Don't you just love when you go to a website and boxes keep popping up every 10 seconds trying to get you to sign up or upscale you when you just want to browse? Or having to watch a 30-second ad before you get to watch that 1-minute video you clicked on? Yeah, me either. We want to browse websites and consume media in a way that is enjoyable and non-intrusive. "Skip ad" buttons, pop-up blockers, and the like, are here for a reason. Limit pop ups or only use them when triggered by the user


Over sensationalized headlines leave prospects disappointed and with less trust in your brand and they will bounce. When bounce rates increase, Google drops your ranking. No one wants to feel duped, swindled, or lied to. Don' t wasted their time. You get one first impression, so. make it a good one. Be transparent and clear on what they can expect.

Short-term wins.

Quick wins are rarely sustainable. Building awareness and trust in your business takes time. It takes time because there is a human element at play that most forget. Building relationships, brand loyalty, all take time. Invest in the long-term if you want to be around for the long-term.

Put yourself in your prospects shoes.

Be sure that you and your marketing professional understand the latest marketing trends and consumer behavior, and remember to put yourself in your prospects shoes - if you don't like it, they might not either.

You can turn people off and hurt the reputation of your business with one bad first impression. So, remember... Invite them in with a valuable resource, let them have control, and present your offer. Don't try to trick people or push yourself upon them because you will find it's nearly impossible to win them back after a bad first impression.

See how to build a strong digital presence that does not include intrusive tactics.


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