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Logo for Top of The Hill Woodworks by BurdaMarketing

Starting from scratch with brand development

Top of The Hill Woodworks specializes in custom handmade furniture and artisan pieces all built in the Pennsylvania mountains. All the wood is locally and sustainably harvested and none of the tree goes to waste. It is cut and dried on site – it is literally from forest to furniture! It was important to convey this message in all of Top Of The Hill's marketing. This was also considered when creating a logo for the brand, keeping it simple, natural and rustic yet modern.

Business cards design for Top of The Hill Woodworks by BurdaMarketing
Branded hat with logo for Top of The Hill Woodworks

Website design and management

Sharing their unique approach and story on their website was important. We wanted to be sure to convey the one-of-a-kind process. The website was also built to generate leads through email signups and inquiries. The company now offers residential tree removal (and these trees are also repurposed into unique hand-crafted pieces) and this is a great lead generator for the company. The look of the site is clean, modern yet rustic, and inviting. 

Website mockup for Top of The Hill Woodworks design by BurdaMarketing
Website layout for Top of The Hill Woodworks design by BurdaMarketing

A behind-the-scenes look

Since this company’s approach is so unique and the process labor intensive, they wanted to show daily vlogs of life on top of the hill. Sending their raw footage to BurdaMarketing on a monthly basis, together we were able to create weekly vlogs for the brand on YouTube and other social media platforms.. 


Social media management and growing an online audience

Posting to various social media platforms quickly gained Top Of The Hill Woodworks a loyal following on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook with total views nearing 20 million and growing!

Custom apparel, signage, and more

Sometimes you need to take it offline. We worked together on custom branded apparel to help promote their business. Wearing the apparel at trade shows, markets, and on job sites helps portray the professionalism of the brand. Top Of The Hill Woodworks also uses the apparel for giveaways and sells various items to loyal customers. 

Top Of The Hill Woodworks is creating a name for itself and BurdaMarketing is there every step of the way!

Apparel design by Burda Marketing
Mobile website design by Burda Marketing
Business card design by Burda Marketing
Dan Owner Top of The Hill Woodworks

"As a completely new startup company, I needed everything: Branding, a website, business cards, professional email, and an online presence. Lindsey created all of that for me in less than two months! I had a logo I loved, a fully functioning website, and was ready to get to business. She gave me the head start I needed."

Dan Y. | Top of The Hill Woodworks

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