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Widow and Wisdom Case study from Burda Marketing

Starting with a new brand identity 


Donna of Widow & Wisdom was gearing up to release her first book - How exciting! She called on me at BurdaMarketing to help with the book's launch and its continued marketing efforts. Already having an established financial services business, we wanted the brands to be visually similar. 

Book cover designs


The book cover design was to be on brand visually but also convey hope, growth, moving forward, and a continued life of someone who has just entered widowhood. A single flower seemed appropriate. The book also included over 30 downloadable resources and each were designed and made available via QR code in the book and on the website for those who purchased the book. A supplemental workbook then followed. A similar design was used to convey they are a set.

A guide to widowhood navigating the first three years. Book by author Donna Kenrick
A guide to widowhood workbook by author Donna Kenrick

Website design and lead generation


A landing page was created to generate pre-orders and signups. The site was set up specifically so visitors were directed to the pre-order on Amazon and in the process would be signed up for further notifications and email blasts and would receive two free complimentary checklists. In less than two months Donna had nearly 150 subscribers as a result of marketing efforts and her tapping into her network.

Widow and Wisdom website design layout by Burda Marketing

Creating hype online and reaching #1 on Amazon


Creating hype for the pre-sale, providing free resources via email, and boosting pre-order sales, Donna reached number 1 on multiple Amazon best-seller lists including New Releases, Parenting, Grief & Loss, Women & Business, and Financial Services.

Screenshot of Amazon Best Seller
Screenshot of Amazon Best Seller
Screenshot of Amazon Best Seller

Social media management and content creation


Using a mix of video and graphics on Instagram and Facebook (and now TikTok) Donna is growing an audience. Donna is fantastic on video. So we decide on various topics, including a lot of storytelling, she then films and sends the raw footage to be edited. We post consistently across platforms to drive traffic not only to her new book, but also her financial services business. Her videos caught the attention of a non-profit organization that deals with pre-planning, death and grief. They now collaborate on a regular basis to increase reach across audiences. 

widow and wisdom Instagram posts
widow and wisdom Instagram posts

Over 1,300 leads in just 2 months! Growing her email list.


Through email marketing we provide valuable information to her audience, keep them informed of new resources, Donna's upcoming in-person and virtual events, as well as drive traffic to her financial services business. With the addition of a lead generating Facebook ad, we were able to grow her subscriber list quickly and significantly. Within just 2 months of launching the ad, we grew her list by an additional 1,300 subscribers/leads. Then we did it again 6 months later and brought in 360 leads in just 2 weeks.

donna leads 1.jpg
Widow and wisdom email marketing sample

Connecting the physical with the digital


Donna makes various personal appearances as a keynote speaker. We created a speaker sheet she could provide to potential clients. She wanted to give attendees a free digital copy of her book. We created a card to give to all attendees, along with other materials, so they can quickly scan and download their free copy of her book. 

Marketing material for Widow and Wisdom book giveaway
Donna Speaker Sheet.png

Continued partnership


Donna's passion for helping others through big life transitions, like widowhood (which she herself has gone through) is so inspiring. Her passion and love for what she does is infectious and I am so appreciative to be able to partner with her on this journey.

Donna Kendrick Author A Guide to Widowhood

"Lindsey has helped me every step of the way and I couldn't be more thrilled!! From helping me set up my website, marketing plan, book assets, book launch and ongoing marketing support through my social media...I am thankful and appreciative. I had two marketing teams helping me last year, one for the finance business and one for my book. This year I have BurdaMarketing handling it all and the cohesiveness of my message shows through. The subscription service has been integral in carrying my consistent message."

Donna | Widow & Wisdom

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