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Passion to Purpose the Power of Digital Marketing

You have a passion for your business, so show up with purpose and win new leads with the power of digital marketing. Join me, Lindsey Burda, where I chat with passionate business owners and industry experts who share their experiences and knowledge for you to grow your business online. Show up with purpose and win!

Recent Guests:

Sandra Park

An engineer, turned financial advisor. A woman who through her own financial journey was driven to help other women, women in STEM, accomplish the same. 


Sandra Park, a Texan born and raised engineer and now financial advisor, is dedicated to assisting women in STEM retire earlier. In 2016, she embarked on her personal finance journey to master money and now aims to accelerate the process for her fellow women in STEM. 

Hear Sandra in episode 36

Ashley Quamm-222.jpeg

Ashley Quamme

Ashley is the Owner and Founder of Beyond the Plan™, a consulting practice that partners with financial firms to help advisors understand how their clients think, feel, and do money. As a therapist and financial behavior specialist, Ashley partners with advisory firms as their Financial Behavior Officer providing client consultation, advisor coaching & training, facilitation & co-facilitation of client meetings, and onboarding assessments. Apart from helping firms to differentiate their services, Ashley’s main priority is helping firms improve their clients’ overall wellbeing.. Hear Ashley in episode 35

Jody Fisher

Jody Fisher is an award winning publicist and former journalist, PR agency founder, podcast host and relentless optimist. Over the past 20 years he has represented clients including The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, Friends of the High Line, The New York Post, Larry Silverstein at the World Trade Center and Elon Musk. He founded his namesake firm, Jody Fisher PR, and created his unique “PR Garage” brand after the 2020 pandemic, insisting that “Every Story Needs Someone to Tell it.” . Hear Jody in episode 34

Jody Fisher
ENP16672 (1).jpg

Erica Schrock

Erica is a top notch financial planner who does everything for the love and impact of others. With an upbringing in finance she decided to change the narrative of females in the finance industry and take a different approach in her business. Erica looks to inspire and empower female business owners while taking the burden of finance off of their overflowing plate. In doing things a little differently, Erica wants to know your dreams and goals- then provides strategy and support to best bring them into fruition. Hear Erica in episode 33

Gerry Sandusky

Gerry Sandusky is the play-by-play voice for the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens, a New York Times best-selling author of Forgotten Sundays, and the sports director for Baltimore’s NBC affiliate, WBAL-TV. The son of former NFL coach, Gerry has found his own niche in coaching as president of The Sandusky Group, a leadership communication company. Gerry is also a three-time Emmy and two-time Edward R. Award winning broadcaster. Hear Gerry in episode 32


Carole Bardasano

Since founding The Digital Buzz, Carole has worked with numerous businesses such as NY Times, American Airlines, L'Oréal, NBC Universal, Porsche, and the US Navy to launch, optimize, and manage more than $25 million in Facebook® and Instagram® advertising campaigns.

​Currently, she runs top rated Social Media courses for organic and paid growth with over 4,000 students enrolled to date. Hear Carole in episode 25

Dr J Rodríguez

Dr. J. helps caring organizations and independent clients create messages that matter in daily communication—changing the game for empathic educators, compassionate businesses, and thoughtful individuals.

Hear Dr J in episode 24.


Harrison Cantel

From camera shy to the confidence guy, Harrison has helped hundreds of business owners show up on camera and skyrocket their inbound leads all with the power of video! Harrison has worked with Microsoft, The Body Shop, and more. Hear Harrison in episode 23

Emily May

Emily May is a Marketing Strategist for Therapists & wellness professionals. Her work focuses on a holistic marketing approach tailored to each unique business. She teaches ethical marketing strategies & leading with values to build long-term trust with your clients. Hear Emily in episode 22.

Burda Marketing The Podcast Guest Emily May May Marketing and Media
Burda Marketing the Podcast Guest Joel Sousa Growing Design

Joel Sousa

Joel is a brand identity & graphic designer passionate about helping businesses (re)create their brands the right way. I work with business owners 1:1 to help them dig deep and uncover their business’s true purpose and the goals they want to achieve with their brand.

Hear Joel in episode 13. 


"I recently discovered the Passion to Purpose podcast and I have to say, I’m thoroughly impressed! This podcast offers marketing and business tips that are not only helpful but also incredibly actionable. The insights provided in each episode have been eye-opening and helped me to rethink my approach to marketing and running my business."

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