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Join me, Lindsey Burda, owner of BurdaMarketing, as I talk with industry experts and small-business owners, share marketing successes and fails, and provide you with actionable plans to market your business online so you can bring in more business.

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Burda Marketing The Podcast Guest Emily May May Marketing and Media

Emily May

Emily May is a Marketing Strategist for Therapists & wellness professionals. Her work focuses on a holistic marketing approach tailored to each unique business. She teaches ethical marketing strategies & leading with values to build long-term trust with your clients. Hear Emily in episode 22 (coming soon!)

Joel Sousa

Joel is a brand identity & graphic designer passionate about helping businesses (re)create their brands the right way. I work with business owners 1:1 to help them dig deep and uncover their business’s true purpose and the goals they want to achieve with their brand.

Hear Joel in episode #13. 


Burda Marketing the Podcast Guest Joel Sousa Growing Design

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