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A Done-for-You Marketing Partnership for Your Business

How it Works & What You Get

It's not just deliverables. You'll gain an experienced marketing partner to proactively manage an omni-channel marketing strategy to help you bring in more leads online. Covering all major touch points to funnel in new leads in just a few steps.

1. Brand Clarity & Development

A clear and distinct brand message will attract your ideal client and guide your entire marketing strategy. Let’s ensure your brand message and visual identity match your vision, current business goals, and resonates with your ideal client.

3. Lead Generating Strategy

Putting a system in place to drive traffic online and capture leads includes the creation of lead generating materials, ads, and more, to attract your ideal client and funnel them in and encourage them to book that first call.

5. Social Media Management

You’ll have a social media strategy that includes 3-5 unique social media posts/videos per week posted across platforms to build awareness of your business, attract your ideal audience, and drive traffic to capture leads. 

2. Website Design & Management

Your website can make or break your first impression on a prospective client. Let’s ensure your website portrays the best impression of you and your business, speaks to your ideal client, to help convert them into leads. We will boost SEO efforts with monthly blog posts and more.

4. Email Marketing

Nurture email sequences and weekly email marketing keep you top of mind and encourage subscribers to take action. With the addition of email automations you can ensure anyone who contacts you is attended to in a timely manner and nurtured over time.

6. Ongoing Partnership

You’ll gain a dedicated VP-level experienced marketing professional specializing in the proactive and strategic management of your marketing efforts, saving you time and money vs outsourcing to multiple vendors or hiring in-house.

No wait lists. Priority Service. VP-Level Expertise.

Donna Kendrick Widow and Wisdom

"I had two marketing teams helping me last year. This year I have BurdaMarketing handling it all and the cohesiveness of my message shows through. The partnership service has been integral in carrying my consistent message."

What else you should know:

We work as partners.

I handle the bulk of the work; the research, creativity, strategy, and implementation of your marketing efforts. But I need your voice, your passion, and knowledge to share with your audience.

You have full ownership.

You have control of, and own, all your marketing assets from day one. I will never gate keep your marketing assets or hold them for ransom (That happens more often than you think!).

I'm proactive, not reactive.

I am proactive, here to offer an unbiased eye, new strategies, ideas, and creativity. I won’t sit back waiting for you to ask for help. I continuously work to improve your visibility online. I am invested in your success. 


One Professional.

Multiple Services.

Better Results.

You're not outsourcing to an agency, you're gaining a proactive marketing partner to handle it all.

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