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I'm Lindsey, your marketing partner.

I'm passionate about helping you share your passion with the world so you can do more of what you love.

You deserve a marketing partner who has your best interests in mind. I've seen small business owners being taken advantage of by the very agency they hired to help them. I knew I had to do it differently!

Typing on a Laptop

You need a marketing ally who has your best interests in mind.

My passion is helping you grow yours.

My journey actually starts with you; the passionate small business owner. I spent a decade as Vice President of Marketing Services in the corporate world where I built a full-service marketing department from the ground up to help small business owners grow their business online. 


“We like working with you because you GET US!” I would hear. I didn’t feel like I was anything special. I just listened. 

I realized many small businesses were experiencing the same frustrations when it came to marketing:


  • not knowing where to start

  • not having time

  • wanting proactive and consistent support

  • wanting someone who listened

  • wanting a partner to guide them

They often complained about agencies not being proactive, spending money on marketing without knowing what their agencies were doing to help them, or having their marketing assets held hostage. They craved better service but didn't know where to find it. Their only options were to hire in-house for consistent ongoing marketing service or outsource to multiple vendors;  there was no in between. 

I thought, I need to start my own business to help more people! So, I did.

Through my own digital marketing efforts, I quickly gained enough clients to quit that corporate position and have since worked with passionate business owners all over the world providing them with a proactive VP-level marketing partner who could guide their plan and implement strategies to help them bring in more lead online. 

Stop the Overwhelm!

I know that as a small business owner you often have to work on things that take you away from doing what you love most, which is why I believe you deserve ongoing support. Whatever you’re passionate about, I quickly become passionate right along side you. As I always say, my passion is helping you grow yours.

Donna Kendrick Widow and Wisdom

"Lindsey has helped me every step of the way and I couldn't be more thrilled!! I had two marketing teams helping me last year. This year I had BurdaMarketing handling it all and the cohesiveness of my message shows through. The subscription service has been integral in carrying my consisent message."

How I work with my clients:

We work as partners.

I handle the bulk of the work; the research, creativity, management, and maintenance of your marketing efforts. But I need your voice, your passion, and knowledge to share with your audience.

You have full ownership.

You have control of, and own, all your marketing assets from day one. I will never gate keep your marketing assets or hold them for ransom (That happens more often than you think!).

I'm proactive, not reactive.

I am proactive, here to offer an unbiased eye, new strategies, ideas, and creativity. I won’t sit back waiting for you to ask for help. I continuously work to improve your visibility online. I am invested in your success. 

How can we work together?

The ongoing partnership & creative services package is available as well as à la carte options.

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