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Winning Finance Clients with Authenticity and Consistency Online

Updated: Apr 9

In the online marketing space, two principles reign supreme: authenticity and consistency.

In just the last 5 years what works in digital marketing has drastically shifted. People want realness! And don’t worry, you can be professional and real online at the same time. But audiences don’t want polished and perfect because it leaves gaps in their mind as to what they will truly get with your services. Who will they really be working with? They want all the information so they can make an informed decision.

Especially in service-based businesses, like financial services, they want to know who they will be having this long-term relationship with. So, if you want to speed up the client acquisition process, you need to let them get to know you and your business now. And that requires you to pull back the curtain and be authentic. It requires you to be consistently available to them so they can get to know you.

If audiences can see you and get to know you they are more likely to trust you. And don’t just take my word for it, it’s psychological fact and I’ll explain it all in this blog.

At its core, marketing is psychology. Understanding human behavior helps us make prospects comfortable, helps them get to know us, and helps us stay present in their minds all while allowing them to feel in control, not pushed.

It all starts with showing up authentically of course, and consistently.

How Frequency Bias Affects Your Marketing

When we are first introduced to something or someone for the first time we are more likely to notice it, or them, each time it is presented to us after that.

So, being consistent allows people to take notice.

You need to be consistent in 3 ways; your messaging, your image, and also the frequency at which you show up for your audience. Are you available online? On social media? How often are you showing up? And where?

Try the rule of 3:

  • 3 days: 3 days per week is the minimum frequency you should be showing up on social media.

  • 3 platforms max: Use no more that 3 social media platforms. It is really hard to stay consistent on multiple platforms effectively.

  • 3 channels: Be sure to cover the 3 main digital marketing touchpoints; 1.) Your website, 2.) social media, and 3.) email.

Appearing frequently in front of your prospects, and being available to them, allows them to get familiar with you.

And here is where then the Mere Exposure Theory comes into play.

How The Mere Exposure Theory Makes You Their First Choice

The Mere Exposure Theory is a psychological phenomenon that states, the more you are exposed to someone, the more familiar you become. And people will chose the familiar option every time. It’s why we will call our best friend when we need help vs calling a stranger or that friend we only see once a year. Our best friend is reliable and trustworthy - they are always there.

This phenomenon underscores the importance of repeated exposure to you and your brand. Just like seeing a familiar face in a crowded room draws our attention, consistent messaging and imagery create a sense of comfort and recognition for your audience. Over time, this repeated exposure builds trust and familiarity, making your brand more memorable and credible in the eyes of potential clients.

Similarly, the mere exposure theory suggests that the more often people are exposed to something, the more they come to like it. Think of a song you’re not crazy about at first, but then it grows on you? That is the Mere Exposure Theory at work.

By consistently showing up in your audience's feeds, inboxes, and search results with valuable reliable content, you gradually build rapport with your target audience. This familiarity breeds trust, making it easier for prospects to warm up to your brand and consider your services. They begin to feel attached to you and your offer. This brings us to a third psychological theory - the Endowment Effect.

How The Endowment Effect Keeps Them Coming Back

The Endowment Effect highlights the human tendency to place a higher value on things we already feel attached to. By consistently delivering value, being a steady presence for your prospects, you begin to create a sense of belonging and attachment with your audience. When we get familiar with something, or emotionally invested in something, we are likely to stick with it or come back to it. It’s why we often buy the same brands again and again. It’s easier then starting from scratch to get familiar with another, it feels risky - even if that “other” is a better option. This emotional connection makes it more likely that prospects will prefer your brand over competitors and choose to do business with you.

In the digital space, it takes consistency and authenticity and time to build up to this effect and trust in your business. Prospects are savvy, they are aware there are online scams and unreliable resources out there. So, you need to prove yourself as trustworthy and reliable. But once you do, you're likely to become their first choice.

This is why authenticity and consistently reign supreme in the digital marketing space. So rather than resorting to outdated sales tactics or gimmicky marketing ploys, which will waste your time, successful brands and businesses are focusing on building genuine connections and relationships with their audience.

Understanding the psychology behind consistency and leveraging authenticity effectively in your marketing efforts, you can create a strong, welcoming and inviting online presence that resonates with your audience on a deeper level.

Ultimately, it's not about tricking or manipulating prospects but rather inviting them into your space and building meaningful relationships based on trust and authenticity.


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