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What is a Sales Funnel and How Do You Build One?

Updated: Feb 7

Bring in new business online is just 5 steps!

If you want to capture new business online you need to provide a seamless journey for your projects. From the time they become aware of you, and start Googling you or following you on social media, you want to have a system in place to lead those prospects to taking action and booking that call or making that purchase.

What is a sales funnel exactly?

A sales funnel is a system you put in place that helps move your ideal prospect closer to the purchase or booking that call. It’s the journey your prospect takes from the moment they become aware of you to the moment they decide to buy from you. Typically this system includes social media, a website, lead generating resource, and email marketing all to help nurture them on their journey, keeping you top of mind so they choose you every time.

5 steps to building a sales funnel:

1: Clarifying Your Brand Messaging

You first need to work on clarifying your brand messaging and how to communicate that. This step is crucial because in order to attract your ideal client, you need to speak to your ideal client - speak to their needs and desires. Knowing this helps you keep your message consistent throughout all your marketing efforts and throughout your sales funnel. The moment you deviate from your messaging is the moment you could lose prospects in the process because they no longer feel you understand them, or you fail to communicate their need of what you offer.

2: Lead Generation.

Lead generation is the whole point of why we are building a funnel. In order to get leads you need to offer something they want, something you can give away for free - a lead magnet - that is a free resource that you give away in exchange for a prospects contact information. But you want to be sure that your lead magnet not only appeals to your ideal client, but aligns with you business goals and offer. Because giving away something for free is only beneficial to your business if it works to get them coming back to buy your offer. Create a lead magnet that addresses your ideal clients most pressing questions.

Here are a few examples you can consider:



Webinar (recorded or live)



3: Setting Up a Website or Landing Page.

Next you want to set up a website or landing page. This is a crucial piece of your funnel. Not only do consumers expect to find one (56% of consumer don’t trust a businesses without a website and 30% won’t even consider a business without a website (Sources: Search Engine Land, Weebly)), but you will need this as a platform to host your free resource and capture leads. You do this by placing access to your lead magnet behind a form on your website, requiring visitors to enter their email address in order to access it. You now have a lead.

4: Email Marketing and Automations

This step is fundamental in not only keeping new leads warm and interested but guiding them toward your offer. And the best part is it can all be automated! You can write 7-10 emails then schedule them to send out every few days once the form is triggered. Once this is put in place, it will continue to work for you automatically to nurture those leads even while you sleep.

But how do we make people aware of all of this and get them to take that first step?

5: Social Media Content Strategy

Social media is a great top of the funnel strategy. It helps you build awareness of your offer or freebie and get people into your funnel. Use social media effectively to build awareness and drive traffic into this system we have built. You can do this organically or you can also include paid ads, if you’d like to gain extra reach. We want to use social media as a tool to drive people off the platform and into this system we've built, your sales funnel. Get my engagement guide here to see how to use social media to build awareness, network, and drive traffic online.

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