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Stop the overwhelm, start a partnership.

Feel like you're ticking all the boxes but marketing still isn't working? Trying to do it all, yet not sure how to actually win clients online?


Or maybe marketing keeps getting pushed to the back burner and you're no further ahead than you were 6 months ago, or you are trying to coordinate everything with multiple vendors only to feel more overwhelmed than before? You need a strategy. You need a partner. One experienced professional who has a proven framework to help you build a strong digital presence to bring in more leads online. 

Marketing Services and Website Design

It's the collaboration your business needs.

The marketing partnership & creative services package includes:

Everything you need from one experienced marketing partner for one monthly fee. Feel confident that your business is showing up online consistently.

Brand Development

Your brand is more than a logo. Let's share your story.


Website Design

Your website is often your first impression. Make it great!

website design.png

Social Media Management

Stay active online with content creation and management.

social media.png

Email Marketing

One of your greatest assets. Let's nurture your leads.

Digital Strategy

A 360° strategy to build a strong digital presence.


Ongoing Partnership

No wait lists. You will have ongoing proactive support.


How it works:

1. Brand Discovery & Development

First, we start with your brand. I want to know you and your business and learn why you’re so passionate about what you do. We will revisit your brand and visual identity to ensure that your vision, mission, and messaging are crystal clear and in line with your current business goals and targeted to your ideal client. If starting from scratch, we will begin to build a brand and visual identity you are proud of.

2. Market Research

Next, I tackle some market research. What are your competitors doing? Where can you fill gaps in the market? What makes you stand out? What is your ideal client actually searching for and what do they want? This will help us position you properly in your market to show your ideal prospect that you are the solution for them.

4. Digital Strategy & Lead Generation

Let’s create a plan to build awareness and capture leads. The goal of your digital marketing efforts will be to build awareness, capture leads, and nurture them. We need something that gives your audience a taste of your value and leaves them wanting more. We will create a lead magnet that intrigues your audience and use this to draw them into your email list.

5. Email Marketing

Nurture your leads with email marketing. Did you know email marketing delivers one of the highest ROIs in marketing? We will create an email marketing strategy that keeps you in their inboxes as well as set up automations to ensure new subscribers and anyone who contacts you is attended to in a timely manner.

3. Website Development

Time to enhance or build your website. We want to ensure that your website portrays the best first impression of you and your business, to make sure it is speaking to your ideal client, and converting visitors into leads. Most clients are ready for a new website build when we start working together, or they don’t yet have one. I will build you a site that gives you a strong first impression.

6. Social Media Management & Content Creation

Social media is a powerful driver of traffic online. It is also an important part of any marketing strategy to humanize your business and engage with your audience. Your ideal prospect wants to get to know you because people want to work with those they know and trust. I will help with content creation and account management as well as coach you on other ways to show up for, and engage,  your audience online.

No wait lists. Priority Service.

Ongoing partnerships start at $899/mo

Shay Stoddard SNL Tech Services

"Being a small business owner, I just don't have the time to keep up with everything such as my website, social media, and marketing for my business. Lindsey has been great! It's great having just one person to go to for everything because I can focus on helping my clients with all of their needs and it saves me a lot of valuable time."

Shay | SNL Tech Services

What else you should know:

We work as partners.

I handle the bulk of the work; the research, creativity, management, and maintenance of your marketing efforts. But I need your voice, your passion, and knowledge to share with your audience.

You have full ownership.

You have control of, and own, all your marketing assets from day one. I will never gate keep your marketing assets or hold them for ransom (That happens more often than you think!).

I'm proactive, not reactive.

I am proactive, here to offer an unbiased eye, new strategies, ideas, and creativity. I won’t sit back waiting for you to ask for help. I continuously work to improve your visibility online. I am invested in your success. 

Partnership subscriptions

Are you ready to start a marketing partnership to bring in leads for your business?


Includes 8 hours

of service per month.

No wait lists. Priority service.

All services included.

$899 per month


Includes 10 hours

of service per month.

No wait lists. Priority service.

All services included.

$1099 per month


Includes 12 hours

of service per month.

No wait lists. Priority service.

All services included.

$1299 per month

Not quite ready for an ongoing partnership?
I have à la carte services to help you out!

Brand Development

Your brand is more than a logo. Let's show the world who you are to attract the right prospects. Let's build a brand you are proud of.

Timeline: 4-6 weeks

Investment: $1500

What's included:

  • Brand development

  • Logo design

  • Color palette

  • Font pairings

  • Brand guidelines

  • Vector files

Website Design

It's more than a website, it's your reputation. Make a good first impression with a modern and responsive custom design.

Timeline: 4-6 weeks

Investment: $2500

What's included:

  • Home page

  • 5 internal pages

  • Basic SEO

  • Platform training

  • Discuss strategies to drive traffic

1:1 Marketing Consultation + Audit

Just getting started or stuck in a rut? Let's discuss your strategy and goals. I will provide ideas for an improved strategy going forward as well as audit your website, social profiles, and more to give you constructive feedback to improve your marketing efforts. 

Timeline: 1.5 hours

Investment: $250

What's included:

  • Brand discussion

  • Strategy ideas

  • Website audit

  • Social media audit

Let's build a strong digital presence to bring you leads.

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