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Marketing Challenges for Small Businesses and What to Do About It

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Some of the biggest challenges in small business marketing are lack of time, money and marketing knowledge. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a successful marketing strategy.

Marketing Challenges for Small Businesses

A successful marketing strategy can set you apart from your competition and can mean the difference between a business failing or succeeding. Many small businesses hit a plateau and it can be difficult to overcome. Here are some common reasons this may be happening:

Lack of Visibility

It’s hard to bring in business if no one knows who are. Lack of visibility is a big problem for small businesses who aren’t doing much advertising. But there are resources to use to your advantage.

Most consumers will turn to the internet in search of goods or services so be sure you have a strong online presence. Almost half of small businesses do not have a website! This simple addition to your marketing plan can put you ahead of the competition. Also, take advantage of free advertising spaces like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and other social platforms.

Make sure you consult with a professional. Having a website and social media isn’t always enough. You may need help creating engaging content or your SEO to help you appear in those top search results. See my top 10 ideas for small business marketing.

Lack of Time

As a small business owner you are busy running a business (as it should be) and don’t have time to worry about how many followers your latest post is getting or if you have time to send out that email blast, or time to contact the local magazine to run that ad promotion.

Find a professional who can assist you with these marketing tasks. You started a business because you are passionate about what you do – so do that, you’re good at that! Let someone else worry about the other stuff.

Lack of Knowledge

When it comes to marketing and advertising there is a lot of knowledge and skill involved in doing it right. A marketing campaign gone bad can cost you big time! You don’t want to waste your time and money on a marketing campaign that is a flop or risk getting bad PR because you didn’t have time to do your research. Let a professional help. It’s better to pay someone to get it right the first time and avoid any mishaps.

Lack of Budget

In todays tech savvy world budget is usually not an issue when it comes to marketing. You just have to be smart about it! Most social media outlets are free, this is a great place to start. Be sure you are updating it frequently with engaging content. You may even want to work with local influencer – send them a free product or service and ask them to talk about it – their followers could become your customers.

One thing you should consider investing in is a well designed professional website. This is your first impression as a professional to the public. It should be inviting, engaging and informative. A bad website can scare potential customers away and it’s likely that they will never return.

A marketing coach to help you with your advertising and marketing budget as well as guide you in the right direction with your campaigns is a priceless resource for you and your business. See why outsourcing your marketing needs to one professional is beneficial and take advantage of talking to someone today to see what your options are!


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