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10 Reasons to Use A Google Business Profile for Your Small Business Marketing.

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

This just might be the best free business marketing tool that you are not taking advantage of.

Marketing agency. Use Google My Business. Woman using cell phone for online search.

I was shocked to discover the amount of small businesses not using a Google My Business profile. Not only is it FREE but it prominently features your business in the search results of the world’s number one search engine.

Wait, it’s FREE?!

Yes! Let me say that again; You can prominently feature your business on the world’s number one search engine for FREE! This helps you stand out in search results, drive more traffic to your website, and collect reviews from your clients. There are also a lot of little tricks within the profile to help you get more eyes on your business.

And how’s this for motivation; As of April 2021, 92% of all online searches were done on Google.* 92% of all searches! Billions per day. And you could be a part of it.

You’ll stand out in search results.

Let’s just take a look at what a typical Google search for your business looks like with and without a Google My Business profile.

Search results WITH Google My Business Profile:

You have a nice large profile to the right of the search results.

Burda marketing Google My Business Profile
Burda marketing Google My Business Profile in Google search results.

Search results WITHOUT Google My Business Profile:

Nothing to make you stand out. You are lost in a sea of other search results.

What a difference right? And it’s more than just an online profile. In fact, you can feature your services (or products), give a business overview, collect reviews, answer FAQ, and display posts as a teaser to encourage people to check out your blog or website.

There are even built-in analytics so you can track how you are being searched on Google.

Setting up Your Profile is Pretty Easy Too

Setting up your business page is pretty quick and easy. Be sure to fill out the info thoroughly as possible and use related keywords to describe your business to help you appear in more search results.

You will need to verify your profile. Google will send you a postcard with a code in the mail to verify your account. So it’s secure as well!

Listing your actual physical location on the profile is optional. For example, Burda Marketing works with businesses world wide, so, for me, location is not a factor, however, if people near me search for a marketing agency, I will show up in maps as an option that is near them. So, I’m still getting to take advantage of those local top search results.

You can list your business hours as well. Even if you don’t have set business hours consider listing the hours that you are available. After one of my clients got multiple phone calls at 5am we quickly updated her hours in her profile to avoid this in the future.

There are many reasons to be using a business profile on Google.

Here are My Top 10 Reasons to Have a Google My Business Profile for your small business:

As a full-service marketing agency one of the first things I suggest my clients do is set up a Google My Business profile. Here’s why.

1. Social Proof - Reviews:

Google is a great place to gather and display client reviews but you can’t do this without a Google My Business profile. Social proof matters! Send everyone you work with a review link so they can leave you a raving review!

2. Maps: Show in Top local results for your key words:

You will improve your local ranking by appearing on Google Maps. On average, businesses receive 943 search views and 317 maps views each month.

3. Posts: Drive traffic to your blog/website with this trick:

Google My Business Profile posts. Featured marketing blogs. How big brands are conditioning you. Do you know how to create a trustworthy brand image?
Posts on Google My Business Profile

Use the post feature! Share your most recent blog (Your blogs image and simple title is all that’s needed) then link it back to your site with a “learn more” button.

Have a lead magnet, like a free guide? Post it the same way. You can get people right from Google onto your email list.

4. Photos:

Use the photos feature to showcase your work, products, happy customers and more. Show yourself too. Let people see who they’d be working with!

5. Services: Feature your services + business overview:

There is a section to feature your services (or products). List each service and give a brief description.

Also give a business overview. You have a 500-word limit to tell people about your business. Use those first few sentences to really grab their attention.

6. Call Button/Book button

With a call button you make it even easier for prospects to contact you! Also, using various app integrations, you can now take bookings directly on Google. Businesses receive up to 59 actions per month on Google My Business alone.**

7. Set up messaging

This gives prospects the option to send a message directly to your phone from your Google My Business profile. With most people conducting searches via their phone, this makes it that much easier for your prospects to get in touch with you!

8. Frequently Asked Questions:

This feature allows allows you to feature questions. Like, “Is there parking nearby?” “Does this company work with clients outside of the USA?” and more!

9. Insights:

Your profile has built in analytics so you can track how you're appearing in search results. Track website visits, link clicks, post views, listings on search and maps, and more!

10. SEO:

Simply put, having a Google My Business profile can help your overall SEO or search engine optimization, helping you appear in more search results.

Seriously at this point, what are you waiting for? Set it up and get found online! Go to to start your business profile today!

For more small business tips see my blog on 10 Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses.

* (gs.statcounter), 2019 **Source Brightscope study


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